Bess Eckstein

Bess will be performing in June


Failte Irish Whiskey Bar 

531 2nd Ave b/w 29th and 30th  

Wed, June 5th @ 7pm and 9pm

$10 and a FREE Bud light!  

In June, Our Bar is bringing back its "Musical" edition for third time -- that's right, its part three, baby! It's Return of the Jedi! Only Our Bar, and a musical, and there (probably) won't be Ewoks!

All-new original scenes AND all-new original music will make this an extra special show, so get your Bud Light (free with your ticket, just sayin'), take a seat, and watch the stories and songs unfold. You're always welcome to join us! 

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  • Merce

    You can watch Bess playing Corvette in season one of the new bawdy web series, Merce.

    "Merce is a Perfectly Perky and Modern Take On Living Positive. This colorful musical comedy is like an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for anyone who is gay and poz."
    - Katie Peoples,

    Merce continues to win awards, most recently winning the AHF Best HIV/AIDS Content at America's Rainbow Film Festival! Dana D'Adamo also won for Best Hair and Make-Up, and add that to Charles' win for Best Actor in a Webisode at the Official Latino Short Film Festival, and our 6 (!) nominations at the NYC WebFest, Merce is rackin' up the love!

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